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Halitosis Treatment

halitosis treatment

Halitosis treatment

Halitosis is nothing but the medical name for severe bad breath. This bad breath is mainly due to the decaying of gums, at first it affects the health of the upper part of the teeth and later on, it will spread to the roots and then results in foul smell. When the roots are affected foul smelling pus comes from it and sometimes it will also be painful. This foul smelling gums lead to bad breath. There is no doubt that, regular brushing will help to avoid halitosis to some extent but it’s not always enough. After consuming food, you should make sure that the mouth is free from any type of food residue and other particles. After eating sweets and red meat, clean the gums with tooth pick and wash the mouth thoroughly. It is better to brush the teeth twice daily, especially at night, because bacteria is more active at nights, so to make it inactive, try to brush the teeth regularly right before bed. Flossing and washing the mouth regularly after food will help to keep away the bad breath. As dry mouth is a symptom of bad breath, chewing gum usage can help to keep the mouth the moist and will avoid bad smell and dryness in mouth. Usually, the usage of mouthwash after brushing is a good temporary halitosis treatment. So In order to avoid halitosis, we have to strictly follow the habits of cleaning the mouth in morning as well as in night.

First of all, if you are suffering from an infection in the mouth with bleeding gums, immediately go and consult a doctor. Every three months change the tooth brush you use and consult a dentist to clean your mouth every year. Even though garlic can cause bad breathe it has got some medicinal value. It is a strong fighter against this bacterial infection. So if you are affected with bacterial gums apply the garlic to the teeth or chew the garlic to avoid the multiplication of the bacteria.  The dramatic increase of bacteria in the mouth is called halitosis. The causes for the bad breath are due to poor hygiene. It is sure that, a hygienic mouth will fight against the growth of bacteria in the mouth. The usage of garlic, onion and red meat will also cause bad breath. A remedy for it is to clean the mouth after the food intake and it will help to keep away the bacteria from your mouth. Never give chances for the bacteria to multiply. Once it multiplies then it will be very difficult to control the growth and later it will get into the intestine through the food that we take and will also affect the entire body health. If you’re looking for halitosis treatment the all natural way, you should subscribe to our newsletter on the side of the page. That’s all for this edition of your
halitosis treatment

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